Ever wanted to share a little too much about your life? Why not? We share everything about our lives on social media and other apps. The new 'Places I've Pooped' app lets you share something you used to only do behind closed doors. 

What does the app do? Well, it lets you drop pins on a map of places you have ...get ready for it... pooped.

That is right. Instead of checking in at a new restaurant, bar, or other cool place; you can keep track and share where you are "dropping the kids off at the pool." Just click the 'Bomb's Away' button and mark that toilet you just defaced. But, becareful not to mistake this poop map with your normal GPS map app. You don't want to end up heading to a good toilet instead of the your final destination.

This concept, though nasty, is not new at all. People having been sharing their "brown packages" on the internet for a while. There is even a website that allows you to share a picture and name your dookie. Poop Log is a Facebook for your butt. Instead of uploading what you ate on Instagram, you can show what it looks like at the other end.

With the new Places I've Pooped app and websites like this, you can drop your digital load all over the internet. You can download the 'Places I've Pooped' app on iTunes and on Google Play. While you use the app, you can sing this little diddy.

So, what do you think?