While they only offer service in Las Vegas currently, I could certainly see this in cities all through the country.

Hangover Heaven, a bus tour that offers a 45-minute intravenous hydration and vitamin treatment for $150. According to the website, everything is FDA approved. The website also warns: “Our buses can work magic, but they cannot bring you back from the dead.”

Their founder, Dr. Jason Burke, completed his training in Anesthesiology at Duke University. He has practiced anesthesia for over ten years and is highly regarded by his peers. Here is his philosophy on Hangovers:

"I feel that Hangovers are a major problem in this country. People in the USA are stressed and need a way to reduce their stress and have fun. People come to Las Vegas to blow off some steam, relieve stress, and have a good time.  Should we have to lose an entire day of our vacation because the bartender over-served us the night before? I say NO. I have had quite a few bad hangovers in my lifetime and I decided I wasn’t going to take it lying down (with a pounding headache) anymore. With my treatment protocol, I can take you from a semi-conscious, porcelain-hugging, hit-by-a-truck hangover to feeling like you’re ready to take on the world  in less than 45 minutes. I think this is a major development in medicine and solves a significant problem for people that like to party and have a good time….especially here in Las Vegas.”