David Lee Roth may have just wrapped up another Van Halen tour, but guitarist John 5 says that in between VH business, Roth has been hard at work on a brand new solo record.

John 5, who also worked with Dave on his highly underrated DLR Band album, says the pair recorded the as of yet untitled album late last year. While there are currently no plans for it to be released, primarily due to Roth's commitment to Van Halen (remember what happened last time he released a solo record while working with the brothers?), 5 insists that the record is a "great piece of work" and he hopes that it will see the light of day sooner than later.

John 5 told Guitar Player, "I know one thing -- Dave loves the record. But he's doing Van Halen, which is doing great, too. So we'll see what happens in the future. It's old Van Halen. It sounds like Could This Be Magic? It's just that sound, that tone. The songs are so good, they're really great."

John 5 is currently on a solo tour, which will bring him to Click's in Tyler on Nov. 20. Take a listen to John's work with David Lee Roth from the DLR Band album right here: