Seventy-six percent of women want to settle down with a feminine guy.

Talk amongst ya'selves and discuss.

That flies in the face of all that talk that women like a tough and gruff, macho dude.  Or can a guy be all of those things? says three-fourths of women may date super-masculine guys, but when it comes to settling down, most will choose a guy with feminine qualities.

Having someone that will watch 'The Notebook' with me and cry sure would be great! And then we could sit around and sip wine and have a bubble bath and talk about feelings and aspirations.

And having someone that will completely get my emotional side, idiosyncrasies, and help me feel sane ... well that would make the perfect mate.

A lot of times I think us gals get those emotional needs met by our best girlfriends, and if we had a man that could fill those needs, that's the jackpot.

So take notes guys! See chick flicks, cry, know that hosiery should match skin tone, get a pedicure at least once, and wear a pink shirt under that handsome suit of yours. We like it!