More drama surrounding Scott Weiland.  A few weeks ago he was quoted as saying he'd be into a Velvet Revolver reunion, which seemed a bit peculiar since he had just got off the road with STP, but it all starts to make sense when you hear what Slash said in an interview over the weekend when asked about a possible reunion.

Here is what Slash had to say:

That's because he got fired from STP,  I think, all things considered, because these things always catch me by surprise, too, because I only find out about it through the media. I'm on the road in another country and I start hearing all this stuff, so I inquire within, and that's what I was told.

So Scott threw out the reunion with Velvet Revolver because he was kicked out of Stone Temple Pilots?

So much drama.  No confirmation from STP on any of this. We'll keep an eye on it.