We all have used our phone at one time while driving, or  maybe reached into the back seat to grab what you need. But this model's story is enough to never do any of that while driving again.

Kelsie Fields, a singer and model from Idaho, miraculously survived a horrific car crash when she lost control of her car and was sent airborne over a 40-foot cliff.

"I swerved to the left and over-corrected," Fields told the Huffington Post. "I lost control and ended up going off the left side of the road. All of a sudden I was in the air. I realized it was a cliff, and I knew my seatbelt was too far away [to put on]. I said, 'God, please don't let me die.' I was yelling, 'It's not my time! Please don't let me die. Please don't let this happen.'"

Fields suffered some deep lacerations and broke her heel, but amazingly was not injured otherwise.

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