Texasrangers.com is still reporting that the Texas Rangers are still trying to work on Michael Young's request to be traded.  However,  no team appears to be stepping forward as the favorite to acquire him in a trade with the Rangers.

The possibility exists this could be a repeat of two years ago when Young demanded a trade rather than switching to third base. The Rangers tried to accommodate him, only to find out there was not a suitable deal out there. Young, who went public with his demand on Monday, still is adamant that he is going to be traded, but the Rangers have made it clear that if they do make a trade, it has to improve the club.

They remain limited by the eight teams on Young's trade list: Rockies, Angels, Dodgers, Padres, Yankees, Astros, Cardinals and Twins. Young is also signed for three more years at $48 million, a significant obstacle for any team especially at this late date of the offseason.