A new psychological study from Pennsylvania State University suggests that men are three times more likely to say “I love you” first in a relationship. It turns out we’re big softies after all.

The study from the Journal of Social Psychology not only suggests that men are quicker to drop the “L bomb,” but men are also more likely to fall in love with their partner faster.

The professor in charge of the study interviewed 172 college students in relationships and asked each partner how long it took before they became “infatuated” with the other person. The study concluded that men were more likely to fall in love within a few weeks, while most women said it took “several months.”

The study doesn’t exactly make men look like angels though;

“The research did show that men wanted sex for the first time after a few weeks, while most women preferred to wait a few months.”

And there it is! Researchers needed to prove what most people already knew — men are horny. But, men can use this research to our advantage. The next time a woman accuses you of trying to move too fast in a relationship just blame “science.” It probably won’t work if she catches you cheating on her.

[Via Telegraph]