Don't take my soda and cake or I'll get crazy up in here! At least, that's what happened in this case.Curtis Leatherberry decided to go into his neighbor's house and took a soda and some pastries as an agreement he thought he had with his neighbor, Tony Barney.

But Tony didn't take kindly to it, and started  an argument over the stolen goodies.

That's when it got out of hand.

Tony ended up punching out a window of Curtis' live-in camper, then threw a cinder block into it, breaking his dresser and microwave.

But it doesn't end there.

Barney then broke off the supports to the trailer's sleeping area and then he began tearing the walls off this guy's trailer. Police reports also say he stuck a water hose in the camper, turned it on and left.

The kicker: Tony told cops he did it because it appeared to him that Curtis was going to get "froggy" with him.

You can't make this stuff up!