The Powerball lottery jackpot is up to a record setting $425 million after no one matched all the numbers for the $307 million jackpot!

So if you want in on the a little piece of the pie,

  • be prepared to wait in line at the convenience store (which isn't convenient)
  • be prepared to share the winnings with someone else (most likely)
  • be prepared to beat the odds (1 out of 175,000,000)

This jackpot is creeping up on the record setting $656 Mega Millions jackpot that was won and split by three ticket holders back in March of 2012 and the $590.5 million Powerball jackpot that was won back on May 19th by and 84 year old Florida woman. We've been hearing more and more about these record setting Powerball lottery jackpots recently because last year the lottery commission raised the price of a single ticket from one dollar to two dollars, thus increasing the jackpots.

The Powerball Lottery is played in 43 states, including Texas, and the numbers will be drawn around 10p tonight (Wednesday, August 7th).

Oh if you win, you might just want to take the lump sum payment, I think you'd be better off with that instead of those yearly payments for 40 or so years. However, then you'll need a good accountant and lawyer and those hundreds of friends of yours on Facebook will all of a sudden become more active and looking for money! So if you win, protect yourself!