There is an amazing game out there called, Would You Rather. Why is it amazing? Because it is a difficult but fun game that tests your limits. It is a great cure for the boredom of a work day. So, let's play. 

Here are the rules:

1. You will be asked a series of questions, or Would You Rathers.
2. You must be honest with your answer.
3. You can give any reasoning, but you are not allowed to change the basic guidelines of the question. (Example: I would totally choose vanilla cake over death especially if we change the flavor of cake to chocolate. No. It is vanilla or death. )

Get it? It isn't that hard to understand.

Let's start.

1. Forever and ever. 

2. Repeat button is broken. 

3. Who would you do?

Jim Spellman, Getty Images
Jeffrey Ufberg, Getty Images

So, how did it go? Was it difficult? Would you like to play again?