If you have never heard Larry Williams give to directions to Motel 6 in Longview, then you are about to become part of a special underground group that has had the privilege of being part of a local viral video that has been floating around before YouTube, or the Internet really, was common place.

I should probably start by telling you how I first learned about Mr. Williams.

It was the mid '90s, and I was living in Longview at the time. A buddy of mine said he had this VHS cassette tape that I just had to see.  He told me that he got a copy of the tape from a friend of his who claims that his uncle came across the tape while on vacation in Venezuela.

From what I can gather from the video, the two men in the truck who are filming Larry claim to be Southern California.  Now I am not sure how much of that story is fact or urban myth, but either way, the video is hilarious and it's something that you have to let your friends see.

Here is the original un-cut video that I saw almost 15years ago.

Be advised: There is some language in the video that is very NSFW. View at your own discretion.