Even though Korn is on the road right now in support of their new album, The Path to Totality, James "Munky" Shaffer said the band is already thinking about its next release. “With our next record, we're probably going to use all the elements that we've learned [making Path to Totality],” Shaffer told SoundSpike.com.

“I don't necessarily say it's going to sound like this record, but some of the elements that we used, the recording techniques that we used, are definitely going to be used on the next record.”

A lot of the techniques that Shaffer is referring to come from ideas they learned from the dubstep style that has Korn has been on the ground floor of since the beginning of the dubstep revolution that bands like Skrillex have perfected.

"It was really Skrillex's record, 'Scary Monsters,' that Jonathan had played me," Shaffer told SoundSpike. "He played me some of the tracks off that record. He said 'Check this out. Check this guy out.' I was like, 'OK. That's kind of cool and different.'"  This was the start of The Path to Totality, and from everything Shaffer has already said, we can probably expect to see something similar on their next album.