Jack White was playing Radio City Music Hall and had his crowd all baffled with his craziness on  stage.

He played a 12 song set through the evening's short 55-minute performance. Hy was backed by an all-male band. Jack played mostly all his new solo material and a few White Stripes songs.

Jack seemed upset with the crowd's energy which people said was great. Then the rant started about quieting down because he couldn't hear himself think. He said he was going to play acoustic but murmured that only 10 percent of the crowd would like that.

Then, he left. More from Rolling Stone:

Soon afterward, White made a short announcement before leaving the stage, leaving some fans wondering if it was just an intermission (maybe he'd be returning with his all-female band?) or a ploy for encore hype. The audience stuck around for several minutes after White's disappearance, expecting him to return even as roadies emerged to unplug instruments and shut off the amps.