This week, we are bringing you guys a new feature to our website. This will let you guys get to know your favorite 96X DJ, Fish. Every week there will be a short video from him that will be packed full of good times, knowledge, and laughs. Don't miss your chance to get Fish to answer your questions. Read on for more information.

Starting this Friday, come check out for a video interview with our very own Fish -- and yes, that's the name his mother gave him.

This new attraction will be something to look forward to every week. 'The Dish With Fish' will be your chance to ask The Rock of East Texas' Fish your questions. If there is anything you would like to her from him or ask of him, this is your chance. Plus, here some great reviews and all of the essential music news. Every week will bring something new that needs not to be missed. Plus, it is your chance to hear right from your favorite 96X radio personality.

From this Friday until Valentine's Day, you can send emails to Fish for some love advice. Have a problem with a girlfriend or boyfriend? In need of advice you can only trust with a man like Fish? Have a question you can't ask anyone else?  Fear no more, Fish is here to help. Send all of your relationship, love, or lust issues in and Fish will answer them for you on this new weekly video segment on the 96X The Rock of East Texas website.

To get your questions answered, shoot an email to Fish. Don't want anyone to know it's you asking? You can remain anonymous if you would like, just sign the email with a made up name, nickname, or alias. Send it all in to

Make sure to bookmark the page and check every week for the next 'The Dish With Fish' episode. It can easily be said that this will either be the most enlightening or hilarious video you will see every week. At the very least, it will be better than all the cat videos flooding the internet.