Jerry Jones joked this week that his lovely wife Gene would have to "sit up in the bulkhead" on the plane, to make sure Tony Romo had plenty of room to rest his back on the long flight to London.

The good news is, Gene got a real seat.  And Tony Romo said the flight was comfortable, and his injured back felt fine on the long trip.  Romo slept, and he said that made the 9-hour flight go quickly.  Not long after landing on Tuesday morning, Romo was out tossing passes to elementary kids in London, and starting to get into the routine of the week to prep for Sunday's game against Jacksonville.  So will he start?

ESPN says Romo has improvement in his back every day, and "they'll see" if there's enough improvement by Sunday to start the game.  Oh gosh.  For the sake of Cowboys-loving households everywhere, we hope he starts.  Two straight losses makes that jersey-wearing guy of ours throw things and burn the burgers.  We can't take another Sunday like that.

Of course, don't rush it Tony, and do what's best for your long-term health.  The buffalo wings and spinach artichoke dip just taste better when the usuals are on the field.

What about the food in London?  Eat Your says burgers and smash, and beans on toast are all the rage.  That's an idea of something new to try at your football-watching party on Sunday here in East Texas, to be fully meshed with the British theme.  Or at least offer up some crumpets to go with that bloody mary.

It's a Noon kickoff Sunday on Fox.