Want to have some wine, but you are at a show or a game that won't allow outside beverages? Well, the Sneaky Drinking Headquarters have a solution for you. Conceal your beer, wine, or liquor in these truly sneaky garments. 

Don't you just hate the drink prices at baseball games and concerts? Have you tried everything under the sun to sneak in a little bit of that "good stuff"?

Fear a totally sober experience no more. Wearing these sneaky contraptions will help you hide your adult beverages allowing you to be drunk any where. These are genius! And, the names are hilarious.

1. The "Winerack"

This bra/ flask is a great way to hide your alcohol.


2. "Beerbelly Stealth Flask"

Guys, are you already rocking a little bit of a gut? Let that beer belly carry some of your beer.


3. "Stadium Sippin' Seat"

Don't feel like wearing your drink? Why not sit on it?


There you have it guys. You will never have to leave the house without a little of the sauce on you. Have fun and drink responsibly from your bra, seat, or fake belly.

Want to own one of these? Click here for their full product line. Plus! They are having a big Fourth of July sale right now!