The quirks we humans define as important pieces of our daily routine at times will border anywhere from sensible to just plain ridiculous.

Those who will die if they don't have two Starbuckets of synthetic tar before they even think about work, or the "Don't talk to me until 9 'cause I am not a morning person" person, even though those "persons" have been starting their day at 7 a.m. for 14 years.

If I have a quirk in my morning routine, it is that i carry "symbolism" a little too far sometimes. Coffee cups, to me anyway, symbolize a great memory or place for me personally, so I relate my joy of a good cup of coffee to the place and/or person it relates to.

How many of you have that one cup you are convinced holds the secret to a great cup of coffee/tea/\other hot beverage for you every time? Why? You go right to that cup every time you have the chance. Why?

I have coffee every day with either my Houston Texans cup (the greatest NFL logo of all-time), my SHSU cup (my Huntsville college family -- Eat'em Up Kats), or my main caffeine holder, the Arizona Wildcats cup symbolizing my lifelong friendship with John Bullock and cross country road trip with brother Brad Root.

I want to know, what does your coffee cup mean to you?