It's been a few years since the state of Texas hosted a Super Bowl, and our chance is coming up again next year.  Here's how you can get up close to the action and become a volunteer for the big event.

The Green Bay Packers won a Super Bowl championship the last time Texas hosted the Big Game.  That was at AT&T Stadium in Arlington after the 2010 season, and the Packers beat the Steelers 31-25.  Remember the awful weather that week?  There was snow and ice and the team buses had to slide from the team hotel to the stadium for practice.  The weather is a big factor when deciding where the Super Bowl goes, and that's why warm weather locations are usually the top picks.  Oh, and Minneapolis. What?!

Minnesota gets a Super Bowl in 2018.  The stadium in Minneapolis has a roof, but the fans that pay thousands of dollars to go to the game won't get to enjoy shorts, bathing suits, or the beach while they're there.  Maybe it will be the Bills versus the Bears and those cold-weather fans can enjoy a drink with an umbrella to make it better.

The NFL announced other Super Bowl host cities this week, including Atlanta, Miami, and Los Angeles in 2019-2022.  Los Angeles!  They're back.

Houston hosts the Super Bowl on February 5th, 2017, and if you want to become a volunteer you can apply now with the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee.  After they do an interview and background check and let you behind the rope, you can get a cute little volunteer uniform and everything.

Now if only we can get the Cowboys and Texans on the field, it will be an all-Texas, multi-million dollar party.