It seems like some of our favorite leading ladies are just getting hotter with age. Can we thanks mother nature for this? Maybe a very skilled doctor? Whatever the case, these women are still smokin' hot. I know that I personally fell in love with most of these women when I was in high school, if not before that. Now I thought that they were hot then, but most of these women seem to have just gotten hotter as time has gone on. Being in the spotlight these women are under the magnifying glass more than others. The ones on this list that I have compiled, have handled this scrutiny very well. I honestly would like to believe that it these ladies stay beautiful because of all these new hardcore workouts that are on the market these days. Women over 40 look as ripped, if not more ripped than most 20 somethings. I think that there isn't a better example of this than the lady that takes number 10 on my list, Nicole Kidman.

10. Nicole Kidman
I mean seriously, did you see her abs Just Go With It? She is on some kind of serious workout plan for sure. She was hot back in the day and seems to be even more beautiful now that she has found new life with Keith Urban. Can you even believe that she just had a baby too? Unreal. Nicole Kidman got my attention when she starred opposite Val Kilmer in Batman Forever. Maybe it was the comic book nerd in me but I have loved her ever since. Anyone else may have fallen apart after a big divorce, but Kidman hardly flinched. maybe Australians are just tougher. Whatever the case, she looks good and is still putting out some great films and having fun with them too.

9. Diane Lane
I always thought that she was a great actress, but in her later years she has taken on some pretty sexy roles. Case in point 2002's Unfaithful. Wow, just wow. Now the movie is about a woman who cheats on her husband and ends up getting caught and then a whole mess happens with murder and her life getting ruined. With that being said, she does some pretty steamy scenes where she is fully nude. I mean really naughty stuff too, like sex in the movies, in a restaurant bathroom and even in the hallway outside of her lovers apartment. Previously I don't think I would have ever said, wow I would lvoe to be with Diane Lane, but this move totally changed my mind. Her hotness level has definitely risen with age.

8. Heather Locklear
Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora knew what they were doing when they married her. She is Americas sweetheart who seems to love the rockers, except for when she was messing around with David Spade. Locklear has been quiet in the acting field lately, but pops up every once in a while to surprise us. The last thing I remember her doing was a small stint on Scrubs and man was she looking gorgeous. Can you believe that she is almost 50? I don't think she has ever taken her cloths off in any kind of role, but she still has men (and some women) captivated with her looks. Maybe she will need some money and pose for Playboy on her 50th birthday like Farrah Fawcett. Finger crossed.

7. Sandra Bullock
Who doesn't love Sandra Bullock? There was practically a call for Jesse James death when he was caught cheating on her. She is one of Americas favorite actresses and we eat up whatever she is currently putting out. Speed jump started her career, but I think that Miss Congeniality is ehat got most men to fall in love with her. She has always kind of played the goofy, sporty chick. But when she got all hot for he role as an undercover agent working a beauty pageant males everywhere stood up and took notice. Every time she touches the red carpet she looks stunning. I thought she was great in the Blindside and was looking hot in that too. Maybe is was the southern accent.

6. Julia Roberts
2 marriages and 3 kids later Julia Roberts is looking just as beautiful now as she did in Pretty Woman. I think one of the sexiest things about her is the way she carries herself. She has publicly said that she isn't in as good a shape as she use to be and she is ok with that. You could of fooled me Julia. I just watched Erin Brokovitch again and not only is she smoking hot, she is one of the best actors of her generation male or female. If you haven't seen Charlie Wilson's War, you are missing out on her not only playing very well with Tom Hanks but looking more beautiful than ever. I think I will always have a small crush on her.

5. Teri Hatcher
I get beat up a lot for this one, but come on. Teri Hatcher is hot. In my opinion she is hotter now than she ever was. I blame Desperate Housewives. She is always running around in skimpy little lingerie with her boobs all hanging out. I will admit that Hatcher may not be the greatest actress in the world, but she does look damn good. Remember how cute she was back in the 90's when she played Lois Lane? I loved her then, but I think she is way more ripped now in her 40's than ever before. I think one of her hottest moments was when she played a Bond girl in Tomorrow Never Dies. You have to be hot to be a lover of the worlds most famous spy. So ease up on me, because there is no doubt in my mind that Teri Hatcher is one of the hottest actresses working right now.

4. Kristin Davis
I guess she is my wild card pick. I think hands down she is the prettiest one of the Sex & The City cast. I think I may just have a thing for brunettes, but I for sure have a small crush on this actress. I am even guilty of flipping on reruns of the stupid show to maybe catch a glimpse of her. Maybe she isn't smoking hot, but she is adorable. I think she is too often left off lists of beautiful actresses, so I am not only placing her on the list bu I am throwing her up in the top 5. She deserves it too. I mean anyone that can work with that horse face Sarah Jessica Parker deserves some props. She looks amazing and hopefully we will be able to see her do some more in the future. Just hopefully not another Sex & The City movie, I think we have all had enough of that.

3. Halle Berry
She may have looked good in Catwoman, but I think we are all trying to erase that from our memories. Not her best work, but she always looks good. She made a whole lot of noise when she got nude and banged Billy Bob Thornton in Monster Ball. If you can block out Billy Bob, the scene is pretty hot too. Not that she needs to get nude to make our jaws drop, Halle Berry just seems to be getting hotter. How are htese women doing it? It is probably a lot of hard work. She is the middle of an ugly custody battle right now and she is still looking good. Even when things are bad Halle maintains her sexy image. The best part is, she probably isn't even trying.

2. Salma Hayek
Her curves just keep getting better as she get older. I think every single guy that has ever seen her in a movie has loved her for at least 2 hours. At 44 she continues to wow us and looks more elegant than ever before. I think I like her best in Dogma when she is doing a little strip tease. Plus her Spanish accent is enough to make any dude stammer a little bit. I'm not sure why but I would love to see her in a sexy nurse outfit. I just think it would look good.

1. Jennifer Aniston
It is pretty hard to argue with this number one. Aniston use to make jaws drop when she starred on Friends but currently she is looking better than she ever did as Rachel. In her latest movie,Just Go With It, she is able to outshine my number 10 Nicole Kidman and the way hot Brooklyn Decker. Her movies may flop, but she never looks bad in them. Jennifer Aniston is hands down the hottest actress over 40.