The National Toy Hall of Fame has announced their 2011 list of inductees. Wait - who knew that there was even a National Toy Hall of Fame - huh? Well there is, and the 2011 inductees include the doll house, blanket, and Hot Wheels!  More after the jump.

I never thought of a blanket as a toy, but I guess I see why it deserves a place in the hall of fame.  It does keep kids feeling safe and secure.  Plus, who never used a blanket stretched between two dining room chairs to make a fort in your bedroom when you were a kid?

The doll house is a given.  Barbie's Dream House ruined it for all the other doll houses.

As a kid, some of my fondest memories is playing with Hot Wheels.  I would have my own little town set up in our kitchen floor.  I would play while my mom was cooking dinner.  When I played outside I would create my own little dirt obstacle course complete with mud pits.

I just found out this week that the new Hot Wheels cars now have video camera's in them!  How cool is that!  Even Hot Wheels are going high tech!

Check out this awesome video I found of a monster Hot Wheels track.