I was thinking this morning about the blog I wrote about the release of NCAA Football 13 (the game is awesome, by the way), and it reminded me of all the games I went to when I lived in Miami. Games at The U were INSANE. And it wasn't just because of the football -- it was more about the lovely ladies in the student section.

So, today I decided I should pay a little homage to some of college football's hottest fans. Strangely enough I couldn't find any from Miami, but get a little taste of these.

As much as it pains me to say, I'm a little partial to the Florida State girls -- one of whom you'll recognize as Jen, Sterger, who posed for Playboy and was caught in the middle of Brett Favre's sexting scandal while he was with the Jets.

Without further adieu, here are my favorites:

The University of Texas

Only one word, ladies: Yeehaw!

Florida State

That's the famous Jenn Sterger on the left. She needs to introduce me to her friend!


I thought they only played basketball at UNLV. Oh well, doesn't bother me!

Mississippi State

The SEC is building up some steam in this one. Just wait until you see this next one.



Could this be the reason why LSU choked against Alabama in the national championship game this year? Because that would be a good excuse.

Florida State: Part two


There's just something about those cowboy hats. I can't believe I could find any Miami girls!



This girl obviously wasn't as good at distracting the Alabama guys in the championship game. Although I'm pretty distracted right now.



And as we continue this thing, the SEC is dominating. What a surprise.

The University of Texas

Come on, Cowgirls!



There are no words. Well, one. WINNER.