This week's Horror Movie Review will cover The Conjuring. I am sure you have heard a lot about this movie. Some will say good things, while others speak ill of the movie. Want help deciding if you will see it in theaters or not? Go! See it! Do it!

What's The Conjuring? Oh, just one of the best horror flicks to come out in a long time. Yes, really? Here, watch this.

I had been lucky enough to not see the previews before I saw the movie in the theater. I do prefer to experience the movie this way. That way, it is all new to you. You don't see that "one scene from the trailer." The movie can take you all the way into its dark world without a clue of what is going to happen.

The only thing that guided me into seeing The Conjuring were the reviews from friends. Sure, I heard it wasn't THAT scary or that is was too long. But, these bad reviews were silenced by the overwhelming, GO SEE IT's. So, I did.

I fell in LOVE with this movie. I didn't want it to end. It was a refreshing experience. It wasn't super cheesy, they didn't use a lot of CGI, and the mood was perfectly set through the whole thing. I even jumped a few times, it had me so involved in the plot line.

It wasn't until after we left the theater that I realized I may have enjoyed the story so much was because it was based on a real family's journey.

No, I don't really believe in demonic possessions or in ghosts. But, the passion and emotional involvement that come from a "based on a true story" script creates the best movie. I call it the campfire story effect.

Imagine yourself sitting deep in the dark woods, the only light coming from a flickering fire. You and a friend decide to tell their favorite story. You enjoy telling yours because you are too detached from it and won't get scared telling it, but want to see your friends face. Then, your friend tells a ghost story they believe they truly experienced. The more the fire dies down, the more silent the woods become, the heavier the words will become. Goosebumps will appear on your arm involuntarily and slowly you will realize you don't know where that sound just came from.

Because you are in unfamiliar territory. Because the story teller is sharing a life experience and not lines from a book. Because we all feed off of each others feelings. Because of all of these things, you will become more scared listening to a story coming straight from someone else's life than sitting at home reading a Stephen King book.

I am in no way knocking Stephen King, I love his imaginative stories. I am not the only one either. There was, at least, one big nod to the fright king in The Conjuring. See if you can catch it. Back to the point.

The Conjuring tells the story of a pair of paranormal investigators, the Warrens, and a family tortured, the Perrons. Don't believe me? You can hear it straight from their mouths.

Even if you don't believe these folks that their story, now a blockbuster movie, is true; The Conjuring is a must see movie.

I do not want to give too much away, but I will never play a game of "Hide and Clap" in my lifetime. This and other themes and happenings that circulate in the plot line will give you a false sense of memories that will make you relate with the family being haunted within the old farm house walls. The use of more old school techniques should be applauded. The director and cast spin a web of dark delights and frights that were very reminiscent of older horror classics.

They used the classic technique of letting the viewers imagination play the most tricks on the audience. There is one scene in The Conjuring where the viewer's mind is allowed to make up what the monster hiding behind the bedroom door might look like. Allowing this space for the audience to scare themselves is genius and works.

This entire movie works. Don't just take my word for it. GO SEE THE CONJURING.