Alright kiddos, here is the first ever Horror Movie Review. Get ready for weekly reviews of "scary" movies you need to watch. For the first installment we will be watching 'House at the End of the Street.'

This movie was a random find on Netflix. Yep, it is now on the website to watch instantly. Not a Netflix subscriber? Why not! Click here to get yourself started. Give this preview a quick peak to get you fully ready for this review and to watch the movie.

Okay, now that you are all set and ready to watch the movie yourself we can get going on the review.

What is the first reason you should watch this movie? Jennifer Lawrence.

Pamela Littky, Facebook

America's new favorite bad girl is in House at the End of the Street. See her in one of her first major roles before she was the Girl on Fire. Really, who doesn't love Ms. Lawrence?

So, what is Jennifer Lawrence doing in a scary movie? Well, House at the End of the Street starts like almost any other scary movie of the past.

The movie begins with a series of odd events that leads to a dramatic and bloody murder. Then, a teenage girl and her recently single mother move into a house very close by. Jennifer Lawrence is the teenager and Elisabeth Shue is her mother. You might remember Shue from other creepy flicks like Hollow Man and (one of my all time favorites) Hide and Seek. As they spend some time in the house, of course, there is a moment where Lawrence's character looks through the window at the murder house across the way with the music slowly building to cause you to become more anxious and scared. The mother in the most cliche way acts non-chalant in saying, "Oh, I didn't realize we were that close."

From there the story builds into a game of suspense and wonder about where exactly did that girl that murdered her family disappear to? And, sympathy is built for the brother left behind from the madness of his sister slaughtering their parents and then escaping into the woods that surround the neighborhood. You really start to feel for him before the first large twist of the plot.

The  first twist will not be last. This movie obviously came out at the same time people were on the trend wagon on M. Night Shyamalan. Twist after twist after twist left the whole world of horror or suspense flicks lost in a maze of, "What really is going on here?" House at the End of the Street has the same feel. Why watch it then? Well, I will give one hint. A side from a great up and coming actress, like Lawrence, any scary movie that almost every single main character dies is a pretty good flick.

Why is this? Because, then you can tell that the director and writer were not looking to keep the audience intrigued with famous or pretty actors. They are shooting for a mass murder that leaves even the viewer feeling un-safe.

Sure, House at the End of the Street is predictable and follows an over used plot plan. But, it has its own perks. It isn't horribly and will actually be entertaining to watch. You might even find yourself laughing at scenes were the character's supreme stupidity lands them in, oh no, a bad situation. Well, duh!

Give House at the End of the Street a watch. Give it a chance. You may hate it or agree with me.

I give this horror flick 3 out of 6 stars.

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