This conversation comes up because men and women have been infatuated with stars in videos and television throughout the years. So, I thought this would be great for  a recurring theme each Thursday to put an old-school hottie up against a new-school hottie. As I watched a rerun of "Melrose Place" the other night I said, "Wow!" to Heather Locklear. I mean, wow, she was smokin'! So, I asked my buddy if you put her against a new-school hottie, who would you take?

We decided on "the girl from the Theory of a Deadman 'Hurricane' video," who after a little "research," I found out her name is Sarah Jane, among many other things I found on her model page.

So the debate begins: Who is the hottest? Today we have Heather Locklear and Sarah Jane. You taking old-school or new-school?