It is week three of the Halloween Horror Movie Challenge. Are you ready for this week's list of the weird, wacky, and scary? Get ready for some of the strangest and most horrifying movie list yet. 

If you haven't been keeping up, I am reviewing movies for the Halloween Horror Movie Challenge. What is this? The challenge is about watching a new and different scary movie everyday in the month of October to be that much more ready for Halloween. In this challenge there is no limit to the odd and scary that is seen.

So, to last week's picks.

1. Atrocious (2010)

This movie is one of the best works of suspense I have ever seen. With an original Psycho feel, this movie does not actually show you a monster or murderer throughout the movie. Instead of loads of blood and gore this movie scares you with long intense minutes of suspense. There are lots of scenes of characters walking through dark woods using a video camera's night vision to be able to see. With every step, the suspense grows. Ending with a very unexpected twist, you will not be sorry for terrifying yourself with this movie.

2. Chillerama (2011)

Chillerama is one of the most creative B horror movies ever produced. Yet, this film also contains some of the weirdest plots and scenes to come from the disturbed human mind. Three horror movies play out at a drive-in movie theater that holds it's own scary story. For the crude, gross, clever, and silly watch this quirky flick.

3. Hidden (2009)

For a new take on the abandoned church haunted by an unexplainable entity, Hidden is the movie to watch. When inhumane experiments go very wrong, don't they always, this story of a man tortured by his past unfolds. Though the special effects are not anything to write home about, this movie was an interesting watch. The acting of a few of the characters will add an extra level of fright, but lucky those doing the injustice to their craft do die first.

4. Intruders (2011)

Starring Clive Owen, this film is a smart take on nightmares that will not go away. While two children are being haunted my an ominous hooded figure, their parents deal with losing their own grip on reality. It is a frightening thought that your nightmare might actually come true. Living in the darkest parts of your closet or under the bed, this creature waits for you. Good watch if you don't mind sleeping with the door cracked.

5. Meatball Machine (2005)

Netflix gives the best description for this freaky foreign film, "A romance between factory workers Yôji and Sachiko is going well -- until aliens invade and Sachiko is attacked and transformed into a slave cyborg." In true asain forror movie style, this movie contains buckets of fake blood that go everywhere and squirt out of the smallest of wounds. The idea for this movie must have come from the oddest man's mind, but it is charming enough to love. I recommend this pick for those of the most open minds.

6. The Last Exorcism (2010)

This low budget film holds a great secret that no other horror movie wanted revealed. Exorcisms are not real according to this traveling priest. Taking a documentary crew with him on his last exorcism to expose all of the tricks of his trade to explain to the world that they have been lied to about the exorcism of demons. When he feels that he has exposed the truth to this unique last case, suddenly the story changes and reveals a truth that terrifies and twisted the plot to insane lengths. A must watch for those brave enough.

7. Occupant (2010)

Occupant is a fantastic movie to examine the mind of the insane. As a young man believes he might be going crazy, there is a force that is challenging this idea. For a shock ending that will really make you jump out of your seat, watch this flick. The way that this movie makes you feel uncomfortable is amazing. There is not a moment that you feel safe and secure. Though the acting again is not that strong, the emotions of hopelessness and loneliness still sneak in to your heart.

As you can now see, this past week's movies were a pretty good group. This coming week is the last of the challenge. I am looking forward to the final week being, hopefully, the best choices. I want to see lots of twists, turns, blood, monsters, ghosts, and shaky camera shots. If you have any suggestions, please let me have them.

If you are taking this scary challenge with me, I wish you all the best shivers and jumps your heart will allow in this the last week. It has been a screaming good time.