Well folks, it is October which means it is Halloween month. This is the time for everything ghoulish, creepy, and frightening. Especially in movies. So, it is time again for the Halloween Horror Movie Challenge. Get your popcorn and leave a light on, we are about to embark down a terrifying trail of films. 

I introduced this personal tradition of mine of you folks last year. If you weren't around or not paying attention, here is a little back story.

Every year during the month of October, I get myself ready for Halloween by watching a new scary movie a night. I call this tradition the Halloween Horror Movie Challenge. And, believe me, it is a challenge. Not all horror movies are created equal.

Though a good scary movie can be bred from one that is just plain genius or they can come from something so terrible and cheesy it becomes entertaining. To help guide you guys through the deep dark woods of horror movies where you can easy get lost in a patch of particularly bad movies, I will give a weekly review of what I watched the previous week.

Before we get started on the first week's reviews, let's get in the mood. Here is a little short film from YouTube that is the perfect way to get those goosebumps going and your heart pumping.

OOOOOO. Scary, huh?

Now that we are all a little more suspicious about what is lying next to us when we go to sleep tonight, we can get this Halloween Horror Movie Challenge going.

I have a confession to make. I have cheated for this first week.

I watch the majority of the movies for this challenge on the Netflix instant feature. It is easy to find a wide selection of good titles this way, but it can also lead you astray. And, I fell victim to the shiny band across the Walking Dead icon that read, "New Episodes." So I must tell you, I watched the amazing Walking Dead season 3 episodes during the first five days of this challenge. But, can you really be mad at me for this?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of the best shows to come on TV in a while. Drama, cute guys, and ZOMBIES! It is, I believe, a very acceptable substitute for this Halloween Horror Movie Challenge. Technically I'm not watching a movie. But if you watch to episodes in a row, you have been sitting in front of the screen for the length of a film. And, it has ZOMBIES.

If you have not watched the Walking Dead, I must ask you a question. Are you absolutely insane? It is an awesome show. Everyone loves it and for good reason. What are some reasons to get into the show right now?

1. Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead, Facebook

Hubba, hubba! Making a bows and arrows sexy again, is Mr. Daryl Dixon. Strong, silent type with a love of family and respect for doing what is right fuels this cutie. He makes watching this show a tasty treat for your eyes.


The Walking Dead, Facebook


Who doesn't like being held tight by suspense while watching a zombie stumble across the screen at an unsuspecting victim. We all love screaming at the TV or movie screen to, "Look behind you!!!" And, don't pretend you haven't mentally prepared yourself for a zombie apocalypse. Best yet, the Walking Dead shows you exactly how to kill them.

Want to watch some of the show's best zombie kills? Click right here.

3. New Season Coming

The Walking Dead, Facebook

The fourth season of this great show is coming this Sunday! Take the rest of this week off and catch up if you haven't been watching the show. Then, join in with the rest of us not living under a rock for the return of the Walking Dead.

Already a fan of the Walking Dead? Are you ready for this new season? To get ready, here are three things you need to do.

1. Get Pumped

Here is the trailer for the coming fourth season. It leaves us with just enough info to make waiting the next five days feel like torture.

2. Zombie Up 

If you "like" the Walking Dead on Facebook, you can really get yourself ready with insider information, pictures, and by "Zombie-fying" yourself. What is that? Well, it's a nifty little thing that will make you look something like this:



Like the Walking Dead on Facebook by clicking right here.

3. Have a Laugh

It is important to relax a little before this season's roller coaster ride of emotions takes us through a jaw dropping, tear inducing, and lip biting span of plot twists.

Let's get some giggles in with a quick Bad Lip Reading.

Remember guys, the new season starts this Sunday night on AMC. Don't miss it.

I think that is enough Walking Dead talk for now. Let's get back to the remaining movie from this week's Halloween Horror Movie Challenge.


The first "official" movie for this year's Halloween Horror Movie Challenge is V/H/S. This movie is not for the weak of heart or those of strong moral standards. It must be warned that you need to be careful we beginning this movie if you frighten easily or don't like nudity.

V/H/S is a movie with a creepy wrap around story that encloses multiple short films. They range from murder to ghosts to vampires. They are not all the greatest short films ever made, but they are pretty darn good.

It starts out kind of slow. Well, that is if you are a girl. The guys will love this part of the movie because there is nudity. But, soon enough, everyone is following along and is completely sucked into the horror that comes.

Each of the six stories holds its own strengths. Everyone will have their favorite. But, all together I found this movie to be a must watch. It won't be winning any awards for acting, but the idea is a fresh and exciting one.

Hopefully we can hope for more of this in the sequel. To find out more about the V/H/S movies, like them on Facebook.

That is all for this week. Check back next Monday for the new round up of frights as the Halloween Horror Movie Challenge continues right on through to October 31st.