While your bachelor pad may be just the way you like it, with sports posters and empty beer bottles, it may be a problem if you're trying to seal the deal with your lady friend on Valentine's Day.

Here are some things you can do to get the place shaped up, even a little bit, to help your cause -- and not hurt it -- tips after the jump.

* A clean bathroom
* A well-stocked fridge
* A made bed
* A comfortable couch
* A mounted flat-screen TV
* Framed artwork
* A wine rack
* Proper lighting
* A clean kitchen
Source: H-Spot.com

Tips from us ladies at the station:
1- Vacuum - yes even the corner AND your sofa.
2- Take the garbage out
3-If you think your "pad" may have an odor -- IT DOES -- get some Fabreeze and use it!
4- Don't only make the bed -- but change the sheets please.
5- Put away your gaming system -- are you going to play COD, uh -- no.
6- Shouldn't have to tell you this one -- but put away all your "adult" entertainment, you can share this on a later date.

Just Asking --

* Do you think your bachelor pad is "girl-friendly" -- or is it disgusting and embarrassing? What would you be most afraid of a woman seeing there right now?

* Do you admit that you're a neat freak? Is it because you're wired this way? Or ... Do you always want to be ready for a woman's visit?

* Are you a converted slob? Did you used to be messy -- and now are tidy? Or... Have you become more of a slob through the years? Why is this?