I had a great date over the weekend, and it was his idea to go bowling.

We drank wine, we had dinner, and then we headed to the bowling alley for a spur-of-the-moment game. He just happened to have his own ball and shoes in his car because he bowls in a league, so I was immediately intimidated and certain I was going to get my butt kicked.

But look what happened! What in the heck?!

Before Saturday, my personal best in bowling was a 132 so how this score of 167 happened is a total mystery to me. Maybe the drinks helped. I can crack 200 in Wii bowling, but in real bowling the gutter balls are more frequent than the strikes.

Do you guys get upset when you lose at date activities? We played pool that night too and I lost badly, so it all evened out for us and there was no reason for this guy to feel insecure getting whipped by a girl at a game of bowling.

We high-fived a lot and had fun and it was all good. And he swears he didn't let me win.

What are your favorite date games? Poker anyone?