A lot of people are mesmerized by the grizzly bear, they are fascinated by its sheer size and power and there are those that are terrified by them, as we all should be because if you're ever confronted by one and it's angry or hungry, well you can kind of kiss your butt goodbye because it see's you as a predator and you know what happens then!

While out shooting up close footage for the BBC show, the 'Great Bear Stakeout', a photographer had a very inquisitive young grizzly bear investigate the GoPro camera that was set up on the Alaskan wilderness floor filming footage of the bears in action for the show. The very curious bear ended up chewing on the camera (which was recording at the time) and at that point in the video you can see the bears awesome teeth and you can just imagine the power behind its bite.

Part of this copyrighted video on YouTube has been featured in the TV show 'Great Bear Stakeout' on BBC and Discovery Channel.

Check out this animals bite in the video below.