It is that time of year again for the flood of scary things that lead to Halloween. A great way to spend an October evening is by watching horror movies. Here is a list of some of my favorites from Netflix.

Every October for the past few years, I watch a one horror movie every night of the month. I call this the "Horror Movie Challenge." It is a challenge, some days you may not feel in the mood or the movie you picked is so terrible you can barely get through it. I am a big scary movie fan though, it does not matter of what style. Classic, B horror, big budget, small budget, paranormal, sy-fy, curses, murders, or animal attacks can all be good. With all of the different kinds that are out there, it is easy to stay entertained. Even though we are already a week into the month, I dare you to do the challenge with me.

This past week's selection has not been that great. I do not have much to say about the movies I attempted to watch other than, TERRIBLY HORRIBLE! Weekly I will be posting my critique of the movies I have watched. I will cover which are my favorites and which were the very worst.Since this week was such a bad viewing experience, I have decide instead of telling you my review I'll tell you about my top ten favorite horror films you can view from Netflix.

This selection is of a wide variety. Hopefully there is at least one that you may enjoy.

The List (in chronological order):

Oct. 1. Audition (1999): In some cases you could say this movie is a great representation of the scorn on an angry and vengeful woman. Be prepared for lots of asian style gore and imagery.

Oct. 2. Session 9 (2001): This movie does more with a twist ending than M. Night Shyamalan ever thought he could. Get ready for a slow start and POW ending.

Oct. 3. Bubba Ho-Tep (2003): Bruce Campbell stars is this quirky comedy/horror. I will not ruin the plot for you, but I will tell you what you will see. Elvis, John F. Kennedy, and a mummy all make appearances in this film. Trust me and watch it.

Oct. 4. The Maid (2005): This is another asian horror movie that is full of build up and suspenseful moments to make you maybe wet yourself. If you can train your eyes to read the subtitles and catch the little glimmers of horror, you will highly enjoy this movie.

Oct. 5. Lake Mungo (2008): This movie is by far one of my favorite horror movies of all time. It has everything. With a foundation in the super natural, plot twists, and monsters it will be the best scare that you loved every minute of.

Oct. 6. Human Centipede (2009): This is the most disturbing and grotesque movie I have ever seen. I am not normally a queasy person, but this movie had me sick to my stomach. If you can make it through this movie without looking away or fast forwarding you might be my horror movie hero, or you could just be a crazy person.

Oct. 7. Thankskilling (2009): This is the best/worst horror movie ever made. The Troma boys would be ever so jealous of this production. With one of the best theme songs leading you into a hilarious story about a cursed turkey.

Oct. 8. Hobo With a Shotgun (2011): Following in Thankskilling's foot steps, this movie is a ridiculous display of gore. The plot and scenes of this movie don't really make sense, but I am sure their is an art film major somewhere out there deciphering its "true meaning."

Oct. 9. Grave Encounters (2011): Grave Encounters is a low budget but better version of all of the Paranormal Activity movies. The imagery, mind play, and ability to evoke the feeling of utter hopelessness is phenomenal. It is a little cheesy, but serves a great follow through on the ending.

Oct. 10. Insidious (2011): Another paranormal movie, but with a great twist. This movie was a surprise favorite of mine. I came into it not expecting what I got. I am so happy I gave it a chance. The idea is a very unique take on the current trend of horror movies these days.

I must warn all you. All of these movies will contain subject matter not suitable for children. Send the kids to bed and grab some popcorn. That is, is you can stomach it while watching Human Centipede. Watching all of these will be the best thing you do to get ready for Halloween.