Meet Frolic, a SuicideGirl from Ohio who says finishing a good book makes her both sad and happy.

Name: Frolic

Age: 24

Location: Ohio

Into: Cat naps, Sailor Jerry, lazy days, frolicking int he sunshine, good laughs, good friends, good times

Not into: Children, mustard tomatoes

Makes me happy: Finishing a good book

Makes me sad: Finishing a good book

I spend most of my free time: Cooking up adventures

Favorite books:

  1. 'Walking Dead' graphic novels
  2. 'The Bell Jar'
  3. 'The Road'
  4. 'Candide'
  5. 'Running With Scissors'
  6. 'Never Let Me Go'
  7. 'Lullaby'
  8. 'Me Talk Pretty One Day'
  9. 'Let Me In'
  10. 'I Am Legend'

Favorite TV shows:

  1. 'The Walking Dead'
  2. 'The Office'
  3. 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

Favorite video games:

  1. Final Fantasy series
  2. Zelda series
  3. The Legend of Dragoon
  4. Borderlands
  5. Left 4 Dead
  6. Pokemon series
  7. Actually, most RPGs

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