My fellow rockers, today is the day we get all up in the cage match with our two guests today. I thought we would put fun, island-sounding rockers against each other today in the Friday cage match.

A lot of people are great fans of both bands, but one has to reign supreme today. First off, Sublime is from Long Beach and had a great following with their reggae sit-back and chill rock sound.

311 is from Omaha and formed their sound in 1988. They also had big chart-busters in the 1990s like Sublime did.

Big hits for Sublime include "What I Got," "Smoke Two Joints" and "Pool Shark."

311 put up some big hits in the 1990s -- some of my absolute favorites were "Transistor," "Down" and "All Mixed Up."


Sublime: "What I Got"

311: "Down"