It's not pillow fighting. It's a down and dirty, all-out brawl. They where posing for a shoot but ended up fighting girls at a strip club.

“A lot of girls attacked us and ripped all of our hair out and stuff, and we can’t find our cell phone or anything, and all of the girls like laughed and just thought it was funny that people attacked us,” Sarah Satterfield said during the 911 call.

Vicki and Sarah were two of three triplets featured in Playboy in 2007.

“They pulled the hair out if my head, and I was attacked by five girls in the dressing room,” Sarah said in the 911 call.

Surveillance shows Vicki started the fight in the back room, and both sisters then jumped and attacked the manager of the club according to the police report.

Now funny thing is Sarah has been arrested three times for the same thing and Vicki has two previous charges. Sounds like a recurring theme for these hotties.