What can we say?

Part of our job is to sit around all day, browse the internet and take risks. We get paid to click on those links most people would just nope out of and see where they lead us.

Now, most of the time, we're doing "research".  Y'know, updating you on music, legit news stories, entertainment gossip and that sort of thing.  But, sometimes...well, sometimes we find ourselves in the seedy, back-alleys of the interweb.

We wonder "how did we get here?"  And "how do we never go back here again?"

Did you ever find yourself in a Wikipedia black hole?  You visit one page to find out something about Robert Plant and then the next thing you know, you're reading all about the Tube Bar Prank Phone Calls which inspired The Simpsons' writers to draft Bart Simpson's calls to Moe?  Yeah.  It's kinda like that.

That being said, we've kept a list of sites, stories and just generally weird crap that we've found online and saved it in a very foreboding bookmarks folder in our browser.

There's really no reason that we would post this stuff at any other time of year.  Most of it is just that creepy and strange.  Had we posted it last Christmas, for example, you'd probably wonder WTF was wrong with us.   And you'd be right to wonder.

Well, today is the day we let our freak flag fly!!

On this page you'll find the weirdest, freakiest and scariest stuff we've found on the web this year.  Now, some of this might be NSFW, so bear that in mind.  It really just depends on where you work and how twisted your co-workers are.  If you don't enjoy being wigged out a little bit, go ahead and hit that back button and find something else to read on the site.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way...here we go:

Magibon - Easily one of the most frightening websites on the internet. Venture into Magibon having been warned.

SIGYGIS - Creepy (really) short film: SIGYGIS. This is actually the opening scene from one of the most disturbing experimental horror films ever made, "Begotten".

Death And Hell - No one seems quite sure if this is a work of web-fiction or if this site is the treatise of a dying/suicidal man. Regardless, the content is disturbing to say the least.

Frances E Dec - "Gangster Computer God" - Francis E. Dec was a U.S. lawyer from New York, disbarred for fraud in 1959, and later known for the bizarre socio-political tracts of conspiracy theories which he mass-mailed to the media. Often denouncing a "Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God" mind-controlling mankind, Dec is considered to have been a paranoid schizophrenic.

The Numbers Stations - The Conet Project is an exhaustive project of shortwave broadcast "dx'ers" (people who religiously search the shortwave band for unusual activity). They have compiled a fascinating collection of numbers stations. The samples in the linked video are Part 1 of 16 - the rest are worth searching out.

Shaye St. John "Hand Thing" - Shaye Saint John (RIP) - Shaye was a beautiful young woman who moved to Los Angeles with hopes of becoming a model. Unfortunately, she was horribly disfigured in a terrible car accident. Unable to afford cosmetic surgery, Shaye remedied her blemishes with a terrifying (she thought "beautiful") mask and mannequin arms/legs. She also made YT videos which documented her eventual descent into madness.   That's the story.  It's not true.  But that's the fictional backstory behind these bizarre videos.   Have another:

The Iceman Tapes - The story of The Iceman, Richard Kuklinski. Perhaps the most brutal and unrepentant killer of our time. This documentary footage crawls inside the mind of a man so jaded and depraved, the viewer must remind themselves that this is no "act". The Iceman is really just this evil.

Still with us?   Here...have a kitten to cleanse your pallet before going further:

Getty Images

All better?   OK.   Let's continue...

The Lost Cosmonaut  - This has generally been disregarded as a hoax. Nevertheless, no one has really been able to determine where the broadcast originated, however.

The Catacombs - The mines of Paris are now unkempt, unpatrolled and unsafe. Saying it is easy to get lost is an understatement. The infinite underground maze absorbs sound, mutes it, making it unlikely you will hear somebody yelling for help. Worse yet, making it unlikely somebody will hear you. Thousands of human bones litter the tunnels. Weird paintings adorn the walls. Are they ancient? New? Are they warnings? Or pleas for help?

Suicide Mouse - While it is highly suspect  (say, most likely bullcrap), the video attached here is said to be a 'lost' Mickey Mouse short from the 1920s. It's quite boring for the most part - just Mickey wandering down the street in an endless loop. However, wait until after the lengthy black out (about 3 mins worth - you'll need to fast forward) for a healthy dose of WTF.

Lil' Markie -  Lil Markie is a character created by Christian performer Mark Fox. Fox/Lil Markie is perhaps best known for their eerie pro-choice spoken word anthem "Diary of an Unborn Child". All politics and religion aside, Mr. Fox is just a straight up odd kinda dude...as evidenced by this live duet between, well, himself and his...alter ego.

The Virgin Sacrifices - "What kind of work do you girls do?" "Well, um...you may find this kind of strange, Cindy...but I work for the devil." One of Hollywood's most famous "cursed" films, "The Virgin Sacrifice" was a B-Movie that never was. Several deaths, a maiming, and a fire in the film lab hang over this production, the last claiming the negative, leaving only the film's opening...

The Bloop - Now to explore unexplained sounds courtesy of NOAA. Check out The Bloop. You heard us. The Bloop is the name given to an ultra-low frequency and extremely powerful underwater sound detected in 1997. The source of the sound remains unknown. It doesn't appear all that weird, does it? Nope. Not until you realize that this sound is several times louder than the loudest recorded animal, the blue whale.

The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles - "Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles." This documentary unravels one of the more intriguing happenings of the past 30 years: the mysterious Toynbee Tiles. What do they mean? Who placed them? Why are they seemingly everywhere? The film is at once creepy and surprisingly touching. Worth watching. Learn more by watching the trailer."

Auditory Hallucinations - An Audio Representation - Ever wonder what it might be like to hear voices? This video attempts to show the viewer what it's like to experience auditory hallucinations.

Deleted Wikipedia Articles With Freaky Titles - A fun list of weird Wikipedia articles with bizarre titles that have since been deleted.

Well, there you have it.  So, tough guy...how many links did you click?

Happy Halloween!!