It's going to be partly sunny and 73 here today, but you might find some soaked ground from weekend rains. Parts of Texas saw flooding, and it turned to an emergency situation in some spots.

Floods killed five people in Texas in the past four days. Three bodies turned up in Austin and San Antonio between Friday and Saturday. And two more people were killed near Houston on Saturday by the floods.

Yahoo! reports three people died in Houston, and there were twisters reported as well.

It was just a few days ago that the remnants of Hurricane Patricia pummeled parts of Texas, and the ground didn't have a chance to dry out before more heavy rains came over the weekend.

Doesn't it feel like Texas is all or nothing right now? We had the floods in May in several spots, then months of hot dry weather with hardly a drop of rain, and now more flash flooding.

The average rainfall for Tyler in November is 4.37 inches. Sounds good, as long as it doesn't come all at once!