A picture took over the rocker world wide web a while back that showed a goat at a metal show. Yes, a goat. This heavy metal loving goat was a huge fan, apparently, of going to rough and tough metal shows. But, it has seen its last. 

Wormrot, a heavy metal band, had quite the strange fan in their audience in the picture that would become famous around the world. The metal loving goat was front row and center for their action packed show.

Biquette was the name of the goat. She lived on a farm in France that also hosted music on certain nights. Though some were nervous for her welfare in such a "violent" atmosphere, she was there by choice.

There was something about the lively music that she adored. Some say that the vibrations made by the vivacious music pleased Biquette. It was stated that she spent an entire set from the band Panzer Cardinal, another French heavy metal band, at the feet of the bassist. 

She will be missed by all that encountered this odd, yet charming, goat.