Yes, its here and please go buy it! Really sweets that release scents thru the skin. And early next year we will see these products hit the shelves.It's Deo Perfume Candy. It releases thru the pores of the skin. It will be out sometime next year for all of you that want to try this stuff.

The company boasts that one serving of this will give an adult a fragrance for up to six hours. The company Beneo says that it it a perfectly safe and works kind of like garlic. Both candy and the garlic work in ways like a compound that cannot be broken down by the human body. So , it will be excreted thru the skin.

They first went on sale in August and customers have been grabbing these sugar free tangerine candies off the shelves. At a price of around 10$ a bag you will have to just want to smell better. The whole story here.