In this final round of the East Texas Takeover all of the first and second place winners will compete for another chance to hear their song on the radio here at 96X. 

This is the final chance for bands from East Texas to get air play on 96X The Rock of East Texas. This has been a close race for the bands, but here is a chance for them all to compete one final time. First, let’s all congratulate all of our past winners; The Truman Syndrome, Alan Fox Band, and Jonny Pecker and the Beaver Bustin Pickle Weasels.

Now, lets put these three winners and the second place winners to the ultimate test. Who out of these six bands do you want to hear on the radio? Who deserves this final chance to be heard by the masses?

Vote, and we will see who is East Texas' favorite local band.

We would like to thank all of our contenders. All of the bands that participated deserve a round of applause. Good job guys, maybe next time you will have better luck.

The winning song will be announced and played on the air Monday, Nov. 26.

So, take a listen, cast your vote and be sure and SHARE this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and get them to vote, too! Make sure to get that vote in over the Thanksgiving weekend!

Let’s begin!

1. Jonny Pecker and the Beaver Bustin Pickle Weasels ‘Drink Til She’s Pretty’ 

Vocals: Jonny Pecker
Guitar: Justin Gibbons
Bass: Matt Collier
Drums/ Vocals: Drew Emory

2. Victims of Sanity ‘Devil’

Vocals: James Bennett
Guitar: Jeremiah Ansohn
Bass: Seth Newberry
Drums: Richard Lackey

3. The Alan Fox Band ‘Do me’

Vocals: Donny Hart
Guitar/ Vocals: Alan Fox
Lead Guitar/ Vocals: Donnie Pendleton 
Drums: Terry Salyer

4. Rockett Queen ‘Hate You’

Vocals: Walter Lee
Guitar: Jay Scars
Bass: Chaz Graves
Drums: SeVen

5. The Truman Syndrome ‘Overcome’


Vocals: J.C. Childress
Guitar: James Barrera
Bass: Jim Taylor
Drums: Tim Mitchell

6. Tyler Lenius Band ‘Paralyzed’


Band Members: Tyler Lenius, Boomer Tackett, & Hunter Brookshire


Let’s get our vote on!

Note: You can vote ONCE PER DAY, so keep coming back to this page every 24 hours and you can vote for your favorite band! Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 25.