If you’re in a band, you want people to listen to you. There are not that many venues or chances for you to play your music for as much of an audience as you would like. Well, here is a solution for you.

96X is looking for music from local bands! This is a great opportunity for all of you. I doubt that you will have a chance like this again for a long time. Even if you are just starting out, take advantage of this opportunity.

Here’s how it works. We need you to send us some of your music. One or two tracks are all we need.  Now here’s the sweet part. Each day, thousands of people check out our site from all over the country, so not only are we giving you the opportunity to have your music heard by a lot of people (for free), but you’ll also have a chance to have your band’s song(s) played on the air.

We will take tracks from the first 16 bands to submit to us, and then we’ll post the tracks here on our website, and then let listeners vote on which tracks they like — our own digital “battle of the bands.” Four bands will face off at a time, with one glorious winner at the end from the Final Four.

If your band gets the most votes, or if we even have a couple of bands that have an overwhelming response, we’ll get you some air play.

Don’t think about it, send your music now!

Here’s what we need:

1)  A track with your bands song in .mp3 or.wav format.

2)  Any info about your band that you would like others to know about -- Facebook page, website, things like that so that if people like your stuff, they can find out more about you.

3)  Your band’s name, people in the band and their roles, phone numbers, email addresses. Basically just ways for us to contact you.

You can submit your digital tracks to 96xrocks@gmail.com

Rock on!