Candy, costumes, and more candy. Halloween is a favorite among kids. Dressing up as their favorite super hero or Disney channel star is a must. But we also want to keep it safe for the kids and even maybe a little something for the adults. Here is our top five events to ensure a fun and safe holiday.

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    Fall Festivals At Local Churches


    When it comes to child safety, what safer place than at church. 5 checks out of 5

    We want our children in a safe, known environment during this holiday. Some of the local churches hold what is known as Trunk or Treat. Using the trunks of cars or the beds of trucks, fun games are usually set up for the kids to play and win candy. Some churches also provide food and drinks to go along with the celebration. Bounce houses and face painting are among the other fun things for your children

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    The Mall Is For More Than Just Shopping


    Safety and shopping on Halloween. Mom's best friend.

    Simon Malls has held its own safe trick or treat in the past. Children get to walk up and down the mall collecting candy from the stores. It gives Mom peace of mind and a chance to check out that pair of red pumps that are going on sale. It is important to keep our children safe and this is another way Tyler and Longview looks out for the kids.

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    A Little Scary Fun For Those Teenagers


    Nothing like a little scare to get the night going

    The Tyler Jaycees Haunted House has been around for years and will hopefully continue to give our older kids a little fun. Still young enough to want the candy but old enough to want to impress the girl that sits two seats back in math class, this is a fun haunted house with not to much gore. The kids will enjoy it as well as those adults that tend to still cover their eyes during the scary part of the movie.
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    Perfect Place For The Hardcore Horror Fanatic


    High score for the pure horror

    Terror Nights Haunted House is said to be so scary that they have fire exit doors for those who cannot make it all the way through. With 12-15 minutes of walking through the ultimate in terror, some have only made it half way before using the fire exits. For those who live and breathe horror movies, this is your heaven. For those of you who dare to enter the doors, be warned, it is fear incarnate.

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    We Haven't Forgotten The Adults

    I really find it hard to rate this one. I guess it depends on the club.

    Tyler has a wide variety of night life, and most of these are always throwing Halloween parties. You have your choice of just going to hang out with friends or getting into the spirit of the holiday and checking out some clubs that have had costume parties, with contests ranging from sexiest to scariest costume. If you want to have something different than the usual gathering of friends at your home, get out and check some of the night action out.