An Arkansas man went through what is every man's worst nightmare. His testicle was eaten by a dog while he lay asleep. That has got to be the very worst of wake up calls in the history of "man's best friend."

This Truman, Arkansas man woke up Monday morning to a dog that he had recently rescued helping himself to a little breakfast.

Because this Arkansas man, who prefers not to be named, has no feeling below his waist, he did not feel the dog eating one of his testicles. He was not sure exactly what was going on when he first awoke. He claimed to have felt a burning pain in his mid-section, but only really became curious when the "small, white, fluffy dog" raised its head from between the man's legs with blood covering his snout and mouth.

This stray had been taken in my the Arkansas man just a few weeks before he and the dog "played ball."

Because he was unsure if the dog had been vaccinated, the dog was put to sleep. The head of the beast will be sent to the local Arkansas Department of Health to be tested.

The man is being taken care of at a local medical center.