Could it be? Could we finally have proof that there are more creatures in this universe other than just us? Did they really find evidence of little green men in Chile? I guess we will all have to watch the documentary to find our answers. 

Yesterday marked the world premier of this alien documentary. Sirius tells the story of an unidentified 6 inch creature found deep in the Atacama Desert of Chile.

This extraterrestrial body was found back in 2003, and has caused endless amounts of curiosity. After much interest and excitement for the unknown creature in Chile, it was sent to Spain. Dr. Steven Greer, a well known UFO researcher, took the little guy into his lab back in 2009. Dr. Greer is the founder of the Disclosure Project which is aimed devotedly to finding and showing evidence of aliens. Through Dr. Greer and the Disclosure Project, the tiny alien's body was put through extensive DNA analysis.

The Examiner explains that the results of this testing was a big teaser for the documentary's anticipated release. They said, "one of the medical researchers claims that an 'absolute level of proof' has been found."

I guess we will all have to get tickets to hear the truth. Check here for more information on showings of this "ground breaking" documentary. Here is something else to get you a little more intrigued.

To find out more now, read a little bit more for the Examiner's report. 

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