Our "Cosmo Moment" investigation continues -- exploring the myths between the two sexes.

We hope to develop a better understanding between the two sexes.  We want to clear the air -- let the truth be known freeing everyone's inhibitions.  We have found another "Sex Move" that we wanted to know what men and women really think.  You have to read what Marshall and Vivian have to say -- this is going to be a great series!

After the jump we have a poll -- we want to know what you think!

Situation = "Ladies ask him to give you a lap dance."

Our Take:

Marshall's Answer = You really want me to stand in front of you and do the "helicopter?"

Vivian's Answer = Can't help but think of the club I always wanted to open -- Bananas -- would be a male strip club and yep the guys would wear yellow "banana holders." But my answer to this situation is  "Yeah totally not something I am going to ask a guy to do -- kind of a turn off actually."

Everyone gets a vote we don't discriminate!