I've never personally tried to deep fry a turkey, but I have tasted one and I must say, they really are good. I'm just not sure that they are worth all the potential problems? I mean, losing your house or life over a bird seems a little over the top for me. Before you decide how you with cook your Thanksgiving bird this year, watch these videos I found on Youtube with deep fried turkey disasters!

  • Deep Fry Your Couch Anyone?

    Here's a stunt done by a nationally syndicated radio morning show about how it's best NOT to bring the turkey fryer into the living room! Thanks for the heads up MJ!

  • Do NOT Use A Fire Extinguisher On Your Turkey Disaster!

    Check out what happens when you try to put out a turkey fryer fire with a fire extinguisher!

  • Fire Department Drops Frozen Turkey Into Fryer!

    If you're gonna drop a frozen turkey into a pot of boiling hot oil, at least it's smart to have the fire department present!

  • William Shatner Is Not A Fan Of The Deep Fried Bird!

    Check out this awesome video from State Farm featuring William Shatner and his experiences with a deep fried bird!

  • Char-Broiled Turkey Anyone?

    Here's video from World's Funniest Videos with a couple real smart guys doing some Thanksgiving cooking. Hope you like your turkey well done!