So I did happen to catch the special edition of American Idol last night, only because it came on right after the NFC Championship game, and it quickly reminded me why I am not a fan of reality TV shows like that one.  It looks like Dave Grohl and I are on the same page when it comes to singing competitons.

“I don't think music should be a career option,” Grohl recently told  “I think people should play music for the sake of playing music ... and it should be its own reward.  When I look at those shows, I understand those people are trying to do really well, but music's not a contest.  And it's not a TV show.  It's real."

Dave says that it is his deep connection to music that makes his feel that way.  "People need to know music is more than that, more than commercials and more than bright lights and television and glamour,” said Grohl.  “Music starts from the heart, in your living room and at school.  It's great that those shows inspire people to want to go out and sing themselves, but one thing I think is dangerous is that in some way, it uses that as an example for a career."

He does go on to say that they aren't all bad and that sometimes they can even be a good thing for the audience to watch.  “I think it's wonderful that people get a chance to celebrate music when they watch those shows, and maybe discover songs they've never heard before and get personally invested in someone's path.”

I agree with everything Dave says, but I still don't see American Idol or The Voice on my DVR list anytime soon.