Color us unsurprised: Rocker/actress Courtney Love reportedly stole photographer David LaChappelle’s car Monday night, leaving him stranded — not to mention angry.

The incident reportedly took place at New York’s Soho House, where LaChappelle had agreed to let Love borrow his chauffeur-driven SUV so she could drive to director Brett Ratner’s house and pick him up.

Unfortunately, Love never actually returned the car. “LaChapelle was freaking out, saying Courtney had taken his car,” a source told the New York Post. “He was frantically trying to reach her and his driver on the phone to find out where the hell they were.”

A rep for Soho House confirmed the incident, saying, “Courtney did take his car. David was flipping out and going crazy at the front desk that Courtney stole his car.”

Added Ratner:  “Courtney and David are best friends. We were all supposed to go to the Lever House together, but I was too tired. They were on the phone together while she was at my house.”

Whatever the case, at least Love knows how to keep it interesting.