There are a lot of cool tech toys and inventions coming out these days. The internet holds a cornucopia of different gadgets that amaze the brain. With all of the options out there, it might help to have just a handful at a time to make your jaw drop to the floor. So, here are some.

If you are into lazers but not into cleaning, this is your gadget. Look at how amazing this is. I want one for my home and another for my car. I want to spend my days cleaning with a high powered lazer.

Bored of your pen? Want a little more out of life than just a writing utensil? Here you go. Why not play with this amazing magnet pen?

Before summer is over, we all need to go out and buy one of these. A water jet bike? AWESOME!

Not much into water? Don't worry, they have invented something pretty cool for land dwellers.

And, of course. 3D printers are the coolest of the cool as far as tech toys right now. From guns, to organs, to anything else.

If only we could all win the lottery and head straight out to collect these great tech toys.