Some women that work at a Sweden lingerie company, Change Lingerie, may be wearing tags on the outside of their clothing displaying their boob size! Seems that management is asking all female employees to display their chest size on the outside of their clothing. The company believes this will help shoppers choose the right size of clothing. More after the jump.

The Orange UK is reporting that employees are not too happy about the company asking them to voluntarily display the size of their goods to creepy dudes. I've got news for you ladies, the men are going to be staring at your chest regardless of if you have a sign on them or not!

I think they should include the phrase "yes they are fabulous" in writing under the boob size!  Maybe the company would be just as happy with the employees wearing one of the 'hello my name is" tags with the boob size printed on it.  I can see it now, asking an employee for help and having her say "I don't know, why don't you go ask 38DD over there."