I'm soooo glad it's football season!

Texas-4 @ UCLA
This is the ABC afternoon game at 2:30 Sat. As a longtime Horns fan, I'm enjoying the hell out of Brian harsin's innovative offense. With Case McCoy starting and Ash off the bench, they should put up some points on UCLA. Texas, UCLA, Rose Bowl -- this is what's good about college football!
My prediction = Texas 27-UCLA14 --More after the jump.

My prediction is Idaho @ A&M -36 -- Ags have a cakewalk

Baylor hosts SFA
Baylor could be a dark horse team to really do some damage in CFB this year. Robert Griffen 3 is a monster -- I couldn't find a spread on this one, but Baylor romps.

OU-3.5 @ FSU
(Can you say "PRIME TIME" with me?)
I hate OU -- but I bet they cover this spread. It's absurd to have pre-season rankings, but OU looked like a #1 vs Tulsa. One thing to look for though, OU is great when clicking on all cylinders, BUT if Florida St punches them right back in the mouth, OU can wilt.
I predict the out come will be OU38-FSU27